Atta-Moon-Pie – Sorority of fat women

Broadcastin’ – People can hear you

Called Out – Brought attention to, made public

Charity – To think something is funny or interesting

Culled  – To be harshly corrected or shut down by someone.

Good’un  -This is a phrase to describe someone or a situation that is unpleasant. This is also used to call someone goofy or geeky.

Got it like [one] like[s] it – Having something fixed to an acceptable level or in a good way.

Handle – A situation or person who is hard to deal with.

Hello Time – A term for intimate relations between married folks.

In the dog house – When someone does something wrong and they are in trouble with someone else

Kill Me Mode – The situation is so bad you no longer care what happens.

Letting it eat – Driving a vehicle very fast. Also, doing anything speedily.

Locked Up – To get tongue-tied, to mumble, or to mispronounce a word to the point that it causes you to not be able to make your point.

Phat Phi Phat – fraternity of fat men.

Puddin’ (or Pud) – Wimp or sissy.

Rough Cut  – Little to no editing done or trying to act professional

Stretch – To heavily exaggerate when making a point.

That Owns Me – When something makes you laugh every time you hear it or if there is something or someone you can’t beat.

Trying to be sharp – When one attempts to do or say something solely to look important, edgy or unique.