Episode 32 – Josh Brahm Saving Basketball Babies

Biggun talks about moving Poppa Biggun from Florida and calls his mover LeMarcus with a funny story, Crayola gets rid of the Dandelion Crayon; in school you could always tell who the rich kids were due to their Crayon pack size. Special guest is Josh Brahm from the Equal Rights Institute. Equal Rights Institute is an advocacy group for the right to life movement. They train and equip other groups on how to best love and approach others from the opposite end of the spectrum without condemnation. A lengthy interview but quit riveting with lives being touched and also the current state of what’s going on College Campuses these days. Josh’s website: www.equalrightsinstitute.com Facebook: Equals Rights Institute Find us on: Interwebs: www.southernfriedphilosophy.com Facebook: Southern Fried Philosophy Twitter and Instagram: @sfpradio Like what we do? Check us out at www.patreon.com/sfpradio Opening Music is by: Lenny the Band

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