Biggun’ was born in Jacksonville, Florida, but considers St. Louis where he grew up. Regardless of where he was born and raised, he has always and will always be a huge Kentucky Wildcats fan. He attended college at Campbellsville University and gained a B.A. and Masters and a ton of debt with a degree that he doesn’t use at all.

While going to college he met his wife and quickly moved to Houston, TX to learn a bunch of stuff about life that we don’t have time for here. One thing he learned was his love of podcasts and radio where he started with the Dr. Dave and Biggun show. However, after moving from Houston to Charlotte, NC, doing a show long distance wouldn’t work out, so they broke up.

After meeting Mojo and getting to know his heart (figuratively and literally), the desire to continue doing a podcast grew until they couldn’t stand it any longer and decided to give it a try.

Armed with a little bit of life under his belt, his southern values and humor, Biggun shares his love of basketball, bourbon and besties with the listeners of SFP.




Brandon “Mojo” McNeely has drunk homemade moonshine from North Carolina with an unmentionable country star, cooked dinner for two Sport Illustrated Swimsuit Models, been cussed at by Republicans and Democrats in tweets, can skin a buck & run a trotline, killed a doe and a buck with one shot, was kicked out of seminary, became a youth minister, loves Jesus, became an accomplished chef in the corporate world, was told he would never own my own business….so he opened several, loves bacon, craft brews, hand rolled cigars, spicy Korean, all southern comfort foods, BBQ and a greasy burger.

His wife is smokin hot, doesn’t nag him, and professes undying love, while allowing him to cook hot meals. His 2 girls, Neveah & Larkyn (where is skills of skinning a buck comes in hand when they begin dating), may the best two daughters you could ask for, and they’re young enough to still think he’s cool and are willing to be seen in public with him. He’s a Cancer survivor and a recent Heart Transplant recipient who’s grateful to his donor for an extra day on this side of the dirt, his humor is on par with a perpetual 13 year old teenager.